Promote Your Website for FREE! 10 Ideas You Should Be Aware Of

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You had a great business idea, took action and now, let’s say you managed to have a website up and running. How do you promote it? Because with the right tools and ideas, even a small company in the business world can promote its products and services in a user-friendly way.

Every consumer is in want of visiting a website before buying something. Some people visit a website through a link seen on social media, through a newsletter or in a blog post.

There are many ways to measure the success of an online business. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the top 10 free website promotion ideas, which will help you make it more attractive to clients.

Let’s have a closer look at these ideas, one by one:

1. Choose your website or blog design wisely

The design of your website produces the first user impression – favorable, mitigated or unfavorable.

It does not only refer to the aesthetic aspect of a site, but also its functionality and these two aspects are fundamental in the retention and conversion of visitors into clients.

Do not think that to have a good one you have to pay a lot. For example, there are plenty of free templates or WordPress themes which you can choose from, for any industry and purpose.


2. Work on your brand

A proper-implemented visual identity helps to consolidate your world and the image of your brand.

This adds value to your products, your services, and your pocket.

In order to be seen as an authority, you must make your brand unique and unforgettable.

There are many free online logo generators which can stand as a base for your visual identity on the web and one of them is Logaster.

It is a service that will generate a wide choice of logos to choose from and you can download them in PNG (a format suitable for websites) for free. It’s a freemium option but a great one to get the ball rolling.


3. Build your own SEO strategy

There’s no better way to do business than the organic way. The SEO strategy aims to get the best possible position on the results page of search engines like Google.

If it is effective, users will find you more easily, which increases your popularity and generates traffic to your website.

There are plenty of tools which can come in handy, so let’s talk a bit about the most popular ones:

  • Google Keyword Planner quickly offers you a list of keywords related to your brand and industry, including the number of monthly searches, traffic forecasts, and competitivity rate.
  • Google Search Console makes it easier to understand how search engine crawlers see your site, what problems were detected, how you appear in the results pages, and how your audience interacts with them.
  • Google Marketing Platform allows planning your web campaigns, buying digital media and measuring while optimizing advertising purchases within a single platform.
  • ClickMinded Template Library is a downloadable archive of free SEO and digital marketing templates that you can use to plan out your seo strategy, optimize your keyword research, audit your site for SEO-friendliness and more. If you’re trying to increase YouTube SEO traffic, try this YouTube description template.


4. Leverage the power of social networks

Social networks allow your visitors to have direct contact with you: comment on your articles, your products or services, ask for advice or information, issue reviews (in this case be responsive, correct, diplomat and transparent and respectful because your replies are transparent).

  • Facebook: the ability to create a professional page and share all types of media and information.
  • Google+: an audience between 25 and 34 years old, sharing all types of media. Ability to create a professional page.
  • Linkedin: focused on professional relationships, educated audience, and higher purchasing power.
  • Pinterest: distribution of photos, a good way to promote online shops or services based on heavy imagery (photography, aesthetics, design …).
  • Twitter: very popular, watch and search facilitated by hashtags.
  • VK: the analog of the Facebook at the Russian region.


5. Social Bookmarking and Curating

Such sites are spaces where users can explore, collect and exchange their favorite content as links.

Here is a small selection that will add up to your SEO efforts:

  • ScoopIt and ideal for curating the internet(articles, pictures or videos).
  • Digg: helps to find, submit and review news from the Internet with the possibility to promote the article to the homepage.
  • Juxapost: provides users with a tool to “bookmark” the photos they find into posts similar to Pinterest that they can easily curate, even if their collection spirals to hundreds of websites.


6. Local Business Directories

Local directories are one of the best ways to promote a business. Sites like Google+ local, Bing local, Yahoo local and others let you mark your business as local.

It also helps you increase your visibility, get honest reviews of your customers and so on. Local directories are just another free way of promoting your business online.

coffee shop as a local business


7. Focus on Quality Content

Content is king. But just like money, content flow is even better.

Write interesting, compelling articles on your business or even personal blog which resonate with your audience and most importantly, do it as a habit, on a constant basis. This will create a snowball effect on your brand and business. 


8. Niche-down your marketing efforts

Don’t bark at all the trees you stumble upon. Define your ideal clients and user personas and go chasing them.

When starting your marketing efforts without major investment, the usual answer is to make use of free traffic sources like YouTube or web forums: simple, free and fast and indirect access with the public.

A good selected forum marketing means finding the right community which resonates with your business. First, look for popular forums that cover your niche topics. That’s a good start!


9. Build the right business relationships

You know the saying “Your network is your net worth”, right? This means it’s time to define a new group of peers or join one which fits your new set of values and principles which align with your business.

Build relationships by firstly providing value, make yourself worth being in the group so that you can build personal authority and eventually, rapport for landing new clients or customers easier.

Things like joining Facebook or Linkedin groups or guest blogging are good practices with long-term benefits on your websites and business: backlinks, traffic, or authority are just a few which came into my mind. The only condition is to do it the right way!


10. Make your business customer-centric

It is therefore essential to ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied with the products or services that you provide. However, that is not all! It is never enough just to offer a service or product: you must also offer a great customer experience.

The relationships with your customers have a great impact on the overall business performance. Consider it one of the key principles of your business.


Wrapping Up

These are 10 ideas on how to promote your business online for free.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of similar ideas, tools, principles, and values on the internet that could fit more or less to your business.

The takeaway here is that although these ideas are basically free, they’re worthless without taking action. Develop a marketing plan, build the right routines and watch how your business grows on autopilot!

To your success!

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