How to Provide an Outstanding Customer Support Experience with Wix Answers

Let’s be honest: there’s no way you can scale up your business and maintain a top position without outstanding customer support. Your customers are your most valuable asset, which is why setting up a great help desk support software should be a priority.

Making sure that all your customers’ needs are met in due time and that their satisfaction is through the roof is highly important when it comes to customer retention rate, the image of the business and overall success rate.

At the same time, there is a key “ingredient” you need to add to the customer satisfaction’s recipe. You need to set up a knowledge base software to help customers find the answers they need by all possible means: articles, tutorials, and FAQs.

The truth is, finding the perfect tool may be tricky, as finding out which one works best for your business can be difficult and through a lot of trial and error. Thankfully, there are some guys out there who decided to take this rock off your chest and provide the services you need to boost your sales and retention rates – meet Wix Answers.


It’s time to see why these services provided by Wix Answers are so great for your business by detailing all their great features. Let’s just hope you’re ready to see how easy this is!


Wix Answers Help Desk & Customer Support Channel

The customer support channel powered by Wix Answers is free to use and aims to help you stay in touch with your customers, providing them the trust that they seek.

The service comes with a great knowledge base, built-in call center, multi-channel ticketing system and so much more – everything you need is in one place. This way, you will better understand your customers and will be able to satisfy their needs without having to flip a coin.

Here’s what you get:


A stunning help center

It takes only a few minutes to set up a helpdesk: choose a template, customize it to match your brand, add articles and publish it; creating and managing FAQs and step by step guides is very easy, while the powerful insights will allow you to better understand the needs of your customers.

Multi-Channel Ticketing System

Here’s where you can easily manage, track and prioritize support tickets that come from multiple channels. No matter how you clients get in touch – via email, phone or through social media – you can answer them more efficiently right from your customer service software. You get to send articles from your knowledge base, get automatic article recommendations and even add custom fields to contact forms.


Built-in Call Center

You get to give everyone phone support straight from the same customer service software you use for both the ticketing system and knowledge base. You can make and take calls from your own number, while customers can even request a callback. There’s no way you can go wrong with this!


Website Widgets

Helping your customers wherever they are on your website is highly important, as it might keep them longer on the page and give them the answers they need. With Wix, you can embed a widget into basically any part of your website to let your clients access articles, tutorials and your entire help desk in just one click. Of course, you get to customize it to fit your brand, making it easier for people to reach out to you.


Actionable Insights 

Keeping an eye on things is very important and Wix allows you to easily do so. You can check your team’s performance, ticket response times and even the customer satisfaction ratings straight from the help desk software. As such, you will always know what the problems are and where you can improve your business and relationship with customers.


Wix Answers Knowledgebase

All these things can be achieved in a few simple steps through Wix, but let’s not forget about the knowledge base, which helps customers find the answers they need through support articles, tutorials, and FAQs.

Here’s what you get through the knowledge base:


Fully branded help center

You heard that well! You get to choose the template you like most and customize it to match your business – the only thing that’s in your way is your own imagination. Change the logo, switch the colors and add a background image – whatever fits your desire. Oh and, let’s not forget about this cool feature: you can add JavaScript to create custom interactions or edit the CSS for full customization – you’re welcome!


Add + Organize Content made easy

Why struggle when you can have everything made easy? Create support articles, FAQs, guides and so much more; add categories for easier browsing and use the content editor to add images and videos to create a top-notch experience. Through outstanding SEO, your website will also be easy to find on search engines.


Team management

Easily manage your team’s workflow and maintain your knowledge base organized with an end-to-end management system; it allows you to assign tasks to your team members and check them off when they’re completed.


Valuable Insights

This is where you get to see exactly how your customers are using your help center thanks to the actionable insights. Straight from the knowledge base software, you get to see feedback and statistics on the most popular articles, as well as trending searches and so much more.


You now know all the BIG things you can do but did you know that there are also tiny features that you can try out for yourself? They may be tiny, but they truly make a difference!

Take the pre-designed templates, for instance. You get to pick a stunning template and customize it any way you wish, in like, a few steps. Or, you can have everything mobile optimized so that it looks cool on all devices. Oh, and, you can play around with the privacy settings to add a registration element or make everything public, your choice.

It’s time to make it easier for customers to LOVE your brand. Get started today with Wix Answers!

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