SendPulse Review – Email Marketing on Steroids

You know why you need an e-mail list – you own the e-mails, you sell more and make even more profits. But doesn’t it defeat the idea of making more profit if you end up spending the gains on your e-mail campaign manager?

We are all aware that most campaign managers are quite expensive but had to stick with them since they are almost all the same – well they were – until SendPulse surfaced.

SendPulse is a new and robust email marketing tool that combines all the traditional features of campaign managers with other innovative features like SMS notifications, web push notifications, Artificial Intelligence analysis and a whole lots of other marketing features to help you make more out of your email campaign.

And guess what? It comes at a very affordable price too – probably the most affordable on the market.

This tool was introduced into the market in 2015 and within just 3 years of existence has gained the trust of over 250,000 happy users across the world. Its robust services and affordability continue to help businesses make more out of their mailing lists.

Having seen the uniqueness of this campaign manager, we’ve decided to put this article together to help you learn more about SendPulse, its features, services and ultimately help you see how it fits into your marketing strategy.

We’ve test-driven the tool to convince ourselves of the fantastic features of this service and to give you enough data to help you make a decision. Let’s start off with the various features and what they can help your business achieve.


Built on AI

SendPulse is built on Artificial Intelligence to increase your email open rates. The AI feature learns the behavior of your subscribers like the best time to send emails from previous emails and then automatically uses this information to increase your open rates.

It boasts that its AI can quickly increase your open-rate by up to 30% which can also increase up to 50% as the AI learn more about your subscriber’s behavior via future emails.


3 Different Paths to Reach your Subscribers

SendPulse Admin Dashboard
SendPulse Admin Dashboard

Before now, e-mail campaign basically means sending e-mails to those who sign up for your newsletter. But now the industry has evolved, it now includes sending web push notifications over browsers once allowed by your subscribers on their devices.

This tool has taken the stake even higher by adding the SMS notification to it services. Now you not only get to send notifications via e-mail which could easily be ignored or by web push notifications which could easily be blocked but by personalized SMS service – which guarantees more than 80% viewership.



It offers you the ability to create segments; groups for your subscribers based on location, interests, gender, etc. This way you can create more personalized emails based on specific festivals in a place or particular events on a day to give special offers.



Email automation does not only help save time, but it also helps you to offer round the clock service to your subscribers. With SendPulse automation, you get the rare opportunity to tweak your emails as much as you’d want. It offers three different automation: automated series, date specific and triggered an email.

You can use any of these based on your needs – use the automated series to craft emails for new subscribers and the date specific automation to schedule them to be sent on specific dates and finally the trigger feature can be used to send an email if the subscriber performs a set action – like clicking a link in the email or even by just opening it!


Reports And Analytics

There will always come a point when you want to find out how good or bad your campaign is performing. The report and analytics features can quickly help you get an insight into this.

You can use this feature to determine the click rates, open rates, devices used to open your emails, time and so on. With this knowledge, you can easily take active steps to increase your conversion rates.


Over 100+ Email Templates

SendPulse Email Templates
SendPulse Email Templates

It offers all users over 100 pre-designed templates across all niches. You can search for templates based on your niche and pick anyone you like.


Easy templates design

SendPulse Email Templates Drag&Drop Editor
SendPulse Email Templates Drag&Drop Editor

With SendPulse, you don’t have to learn HTML code from scratch just to create an impressive template. It offers you an easy drag and drop template designs. You’re free to use the HTML editor to create your templates also or even import pre-existing ones from previous campaigns manager – in all, you still get the chance to create something unique with minimal effort.


A/B Testing

A/B Testing Interface
A/B Testing Interface

How do you find the right template? Most people guess. They try a template and if not successful, simply move on and try another one. This can be very costly and lead to poor conversion rates.

This tool has taken care of this issue with its A/B testing feature. Now you don’t have to guess what your subscriber will like, you can actually go out there and test it on a small scale.

The A/B testing system lets you try different versions of an e-mail and then provides you with detailed information about the performance of each one like the open rate, click rate, etc. With this, you can easily pick the e-mail version with the highest conversion rate as the best version.


SendPulse Pricing

MailChimp, one of the most popular email campaign manager charges $30 for 2,499 subscribers. Surprisingly, they offer the same service for absolutely nothing! Though a limited version of its service, the free plan is especially suitable for new bloggers and those with small mailing lists. If you have less than 2,500 subscribers, you can just make use of the free plan. The SendPulse pricing seems to be a one-fits-all solution, I would say.

Prices start at 2,500. We’d love to compare them with other campaign managers prices out there, but that’ll only point out the obvious – SendPulse is way more affordable than any email campaign manager out there and just as effective. For 2,500 subscribers, you get to pay only $9.85, and for 50,000, you get to pay $191. There are many other plans in between these and above it. You may want to check the official website for more options.

Another unique offer is its pay-as-you-go plan. This plan caters for those who will not be sending out lots of campaigns during the month, so you get to actually pay for the number of campaigns rather than for some subscribers!


Wrapping Up

This is a new generation e-mail campaign manager that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help you get more out of your e-mail campaign. With it you don’t have to pay back all your profits every month – it’s quite cheap and just as effective as most e-mail campaign managers out there – if not better.

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