3 SEO Techniques That Will Never Fail

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The competition over the web has grown quite rapidly in the last few years and webmasters are striving to get as much traffic as they can for their websites. It`s obvious that most of the people use search engines to look for the content they need, that’s why the race of getting on top of search results is tougher than ever. For this reason, “search engine optimization” became more than a phrase, it’s more than just an SEO checklist, it is a strategy for some and a business for others.

Google is without a doubt the most important search engine, defining new rules and setting searching criteria with every algorithm update they made, for better user experience and a more safe web surfing.

Although only Google engineers know how the searching algorithm works, in time, people understood how to get on Google`s first page results.  SEO guys are using different ways and techniques to optimize a website for search engines, but at the same time, Google is continuously improving its algorithms in order to list high-quality and relevant websites instead of crappy ones in search results.

Over the past few years, Google updated its algorithm several times and many websites got hit by the changes. The major updates include Panda and Penguin. The results were simple and easy to understand: all websites having low-quality content and back-links got penalized by decreasing their page ranks. While optimizing a website, webmasters should play careful with SEO techniques, because this is nothing than time taking process. A minor mistake can cause major losses.

We are going to discuss 3 SEO techniques that proved to be working within all search engine updates.

1. Content is King

Content is the key to success. Webmasters who didn’t give priority to high quality and interesting content eventually lost when Google updates came in. You need firstly provide content that people love to read, to share and to come and read it again, then make sure to smartly optimize your content and avoid keyword stuffing(using the same phrase over and over again) because Google doesn’t appreciate it.

Another important aspect of SEO is to establish a content based linking. The most common SEO marketing campaigns were back-links on other websites added inside sidebars and footers, strategies which were punished by Google. The idea is to make sure that you connect you keywords within the content and on relevant websites, otherwise you`ll loose time and money.

seo techniques content is king

2. Think like a normal person

The second measure is to list targeted keywords, While applying this strategy, you need to think like a normal person. You need to ask yourself what people are searching on the internet and how they can be redirected to your website. For instance, if your website is for selling cars, you need to list keywords like “buy cars”, “buy cars online” and so on. In addition to this, focus on long tail keywords, so you can benefit of both long tail and short keywords which are included inside.

search engine optimization seo techniques

3. Play with the big boys

It`s always better to get connections from high quality websites. Try not to get too many back-links from low quality websites, because if your content is good, you will be mentioned by some low quality websites too.  Before setting up a back-link, make sure you perform complete analysis of the selected website, check the content for quality, check its back-links and make sure it is not penalized by Google.

An additional factor that contribute to a website`s better search engine rank is related to web hosting, more precisely the speed of the website. The faster the page is loading, the better for SEO. It`s important to have a clear perspective of more hosting companies in terms of services and quality before picking up a webhost.

seo best practices

All in all, search engine optimization matters and it can be the difference between a just-another website with content and successful and useful website which turns into a proper business.

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