12 SEO Tips and Tricks for Local Businesses

The advent of the Internet made the world a global village. However, if your business activity is based locally, there would be no point trying to reach international masses when you could concentrate your efforts on building your local presence. Here are some ways you can concentrate on your local community through SEO.

  • Let your keywords contain your location: This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are in London and you sell insurance, your keywords should be “insurance London”.
  • Include your location in metatags: Metatags tend to be a big deal in search engines and as such, you should always include your location in them. In addition to this, the content of your website should also include your location.
  • Include your location in the body of your content: Keywords in the body of the text are important and thus it is not advisable to skimp on them.
  • Make the most of Google Places as well as Yahoo Local: These are a great place to submit your website as they will keep you listed in local listings.
  • Use your location as an anchor text when creating backlinks: Although it could be difficult to create organic backlinks with your location being used as an anchor text, it is not entirely impossible. You just need to ensure that it is grammatically correct.
  • Submit your website to a local search engine: Granted, the larger search engines such as Google tend to generate more traffic to websites. However, a local search engine means people searching in your areas will get access to your website.
  • List your website in local directories: Most people assume that people do not take the time to read local directories but the truth of the matter is that they do.
  • Target your ads to the local market: If you would like to drive local traffic to your website, use locally targeted ads in it such as PPC ads as well as classifieds.
  • Check your keywords on a regular basis: Knowing the volume of people that search using your keywords will give you a better idea of whether or not you should tweak them to increase traffic.
  • Make the most of social media: Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can drive a lot of traffic to your website as most people will use them to conduct local searches.
  • Request for testimonials from prior clients: By having your past clients post these testimonials in review sites, you get the chance to increase your traffic.
  • Have separate pages for different locations: If your business is based in numerous locations, have different web pages for each of them.

Increasing web traffic and page rank is for most of the people an unknown discipline. Making use of these tips is crucial if you rely on your local market to boost your business.

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Madalin Tudose

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