Showcase of Fresh and Exciting Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Desktop wallpapers are popular nowadays, you can place a high quality image on your computer which can inspire, innovate or even help remind you of a loved one. 5 years ago web designers used to design a website for 800 x 600, now with flat screen monitors becoming the norm, the minimum screen resolution is usually around 1024 x 768. The following wallpapers have been chosen because they offer something different and are in large high quality formats ready for downloading.

Ray of Light – Lovely selection of multi-colours, bursting out of the screen. Widescreen (1680×1050 pixels)


The Firefox – Based on the Firefox “fox”, which is on fire…a literal meaning. Computer OS (1600×1200 pixels)


A Dreamy World – Looks like paradise, the sort of place people escape to go to. Nature (2560 x 1024 pixels)


Silva in my world – Interesting but surreal landscape of trees. Abstract (1600×1200 pixels)


Untrodden Woods – A glowing landscape of children drawn trees and bushes, very green!. Abstract (1680×1050 pixels)


Experiment Wall – Similar to a close up of a match being waved around. Abstract (2560×1600 pixels)


Nucleus – One of the best wallpaper’s I’ve seen, like a terminator eye on a dark background. Sci Fi (1600×1200 pixels)


Tweedledee and Tweedledum – Based on the Teapots in Alice in Wonderland. Widescreen(2560×1600 pixels)


Abstract Planet – Looks like something out of Star Trek, huge shafts of light exploding outwards. Science Fiction (800×600 pixels)


Square Elephant – Almost looks lifelike in a cuddly, children’s tale kind of way. Abstract (1600×1200 pixels)


All Falls Down – Ring a Ring a Roses a pocket full of poses… Abstract (1680×1050 pixels)


Gaudi Falls – Looks like something out of Bladerunner, amazing! Fantasy (1280 x 800 pixels)


Modern Interpretation – Little Red Riding Hood grew up fast and the wolf has become a biker dude. Abstract (1600×1200 pixels)


Retro – Such a simple wallpaper, yet effective design displaying the old school Mac logo. Computer OS (1280×1024 pixels)


Heart Gaming – Remember these types of games in the 80’s, here’s one involving a heart. Retro (1600×1200 pixels)


Wallpaper Pattern – Looks like an actual 70’s wallpaper, simple yet effective. Patterns (1440×900 pixels)


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