Staying Sharp – 10 Must Follow Graphic Design Blogs

The key part of being on top of your game involves staying informed about any developments in your relative field of expertise. Thanks to the internet, this is now easier done than said (pun intended) with the help of blogs. Good graphic design blogs are essentially a treasure trove of knowledge and information just waiting to be tapped into.

Being a graphic designer by profession, I always keep a sharp eye out for anything that could help me with my art. Whether it’s new software or a new design trend that’s catching on, I like to stay updated on everything that is happening in the design arena and below I will mention ten invaluable graphic design blogs that have helped me immeasurably with my work over the last decade.


I really like this site. I mean, who doesn`t like it? It is the crème de la crème of graphic design blogs. It is very easy to navigate and everything is neatly organized for the viewer. Moreover, it talks in-depth about web design and UX design, two very active fields that I am involved in professionally. There are some eBooks as well for those who want to learn the basic concepts of graphic and web design from scratch.


One of my favorite places to stay up-to-date, is an excellent source of cutting edge design news and tips. Here you will also find designers talking about the latest graphic design trends and will also come across detailed tutorials and resources that you can easily relate with your own projects.


Another great place where designers gather to share their experience and input is the Design Observer. Founded by 4 gifted designers in late 2003, Design Observer is an excellent source for topics such as graphic design and popular culture. Writers from around the world share their input in the form of essays, reviews and short blog posts. They are a great read and informative as well.


Typographica is an excellent source of information on typographic design and fonts. You will find in-depth reviews on typefaces and type books. It has a detailed archive of all the typefaces that were introduced every year much to the delight of graphic designers worldwide.


This site covers graphic design from multiple angles and industries which often time coincide with the projects that I am involved in. Every time I am looking for some creative ideas or just general information about particular industry logos, I come here and I have almost always found something informative. It’s a great blog for designers to follow.


As you dwell further and further into the graphic design field, you will come across big names in the field that you would want to add to your social circles and follow their blogs. Logo Design Love is one such example. Owned by David Airey, one of the greats in the graphic design industry, the blog offers insightful information on logo design and brand identities.

The Dieline

TheDieline is another great graphic design resource. I like it because they`re dedicated to the progress of the package design industry. Their purpose is to showcase the best package designs from around the world. Is another kind of graphic design but a valuable website which can provide you enough inspiration for your projects.


Not to be taken in a literal sense, if you are looking for a one stop platform to all things graphic design, you go to Outlaw Design Blog. It has everything – Video tutorials, industry news, upcoming events, freebies and much more.


An excellent platform for web designers, here you will learn about the latest CSS trends, textures, and more. When I first started to get my feet wet in web design, this was the blog I used to read up on. They have a great collection of tutorials and image galleries that are very helpful in assisting new and upcoming web designers grasp the basic and advanced of web design.


Graphic Design Blog is an extremely handy and reliable source for graphic designers. Here you can find tools, books, valuable insight from expert designers and other valuable links related to graphic design. The blog offers a mix of work and play, showcasing popular designs, trends along with popular and interesting design techniques.

I hope you find the above mentioned list as useful as I did when I was learning the ropes. There is no doubt that you will gain a lot of insight from each blog and become a better designer because of the invaluable knowledge provided on these blogs. You can also actively participate on these blog and share your opinions.

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