Five Essential Strategies to Super-Charge Website Maintenance

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There was a time before the latest Google search engine updates when website maintenance could be set on automatic mode after it reached the number one spot in searches for all its most relevant keywords. However, the Google Penguin and Panda updates have changed all that; now website maintenance is crucial for a good position in Google. Even more important than that is the fact that users will always be able to tell if a site is constantly monitored and maintained or not.

Always Have Fresh Content Ready

Case in point: users might come a second time to the same website, but if they find that the site is actually not being updated regularly they are going to lose interest. Of course, from certain points of view, new users are more relevant because they have a bigger potential of actually clicking on ads or buying some of the site’s products, but the recurring users are the ones who are most likely to create links back to the site and thus drive more natural, organic traffic.

fresh content for website maintenance

Flow with the Site Rankings for a Proper Website Maintenance

The same autopilot mentality I mentioned before also means that some administrators will forget to track their site’s ranking once they have reached a top position. The problem is that there will always be another person who is interested in reaching the same top spot, and, if you don’t follow your site’s rankings closely, you might end up dethroned quite quickly. Besides tracking your own position, you should always follow your competitors’ growth and work to match it.

site rankings for website maintenance

Check Your Site’s Links

There is nothing more infuriating for a visitor than finding broken link, feature or picture. It is the best way to tell your visitors that you don’t care enough about your own site, so why should they? Of course, it could be argued that it is very difficult to monitor a site with more than a hundred pages of content for every possible broken link, but there are many programs and plug-ins that can do this for you automatically. An even better resource can be the followers your sites gets, because developing a dialogue with them will encourage them to tell you whenever they find a broken link. No program will ever be able to match the work of an active fan base.

links for website maintenance

Focus on Getting Incoming Links

Anyone who has ever tried to develop a site has learned about the importance of getting good incoming links as that is the only way Google will know that the site has any value. This is where that rapport with your site’s visitors really comes into play. They can help you with your site’s maintenance if they believe that the site has value, and they will also recommend your articles on their blogs which will further improve your stats. However, make sure that you don’t ask them directly to link back to you. It is a far better strategy to just develop high quality content that they will naturally feel the need to reference.

incoming links for website maintenance

Develop Based on the Site’s Statistics

One of the more important sources of feedback about your site is your web host’s statistics. You can further elaborate on that information with a tool like Google Analytics. The point here is to learn what part of your site has the most success. Which are the articles that your visitors more often visit, and what are some of the most useful keywords that you should expand on? This is the kind of information that you need to be aware of for super-charged modern site maintenance.

google analytics for website maintenance

We all must understand that site maintenance is no longer something a program can do for you or that can be set on autopilot. The Google algorithms are constantly changing and improving and are looking for sites that are clearly operated by a human. Developing content, creating a personal relationship with your readers and getting them to value your site so much that they will mention it on their own sites is the only way that you can have a successful online business.

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