Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level with These Tools

Creating Content is Hard! That’s just the plain hard truth, whether you are a digital marketer or an internet entrepreneur you know how big a headache content creation is.

Most of us start our websites based on a theme which we customize to our preferences and in this article, we will be taking a peek at some of the best tools which will help you take your WordPress website and theme to the next level and get you more customers.

1. Tailor Brands

Establishing yourself as a credible brand is extremely important if you wish to grow your website.

A logo is one of the key components of your brand identity. A unique identity is what helps you in scaling your online business or website.

tailor brands logo maker

We all know getting a good looking logo is very difficult and also expensive. You can get a logo for your business by commisioning a specialist digital artist to create you a logo but it can get quite expensive and not feasible for smaller businesses.

You can look around on freelancing sites like Fiverr or UpWork but we all know how that goes. So what options does a small business have?  Here’s one: using an AI-powered logo designer like Tailor Brands to help you design custom Tailor Logo.

Tailor brands use their proprietary algorithm which asks you a few basic questions about your design preferences and creates the perfect logo for you. The logos come out beautiful and more often than not are very similar to what a special commission designer would create for you.  Give it a try today.


2. Hello Bar

hello bar notifications

Getting visitors to convert is extremely important for any website and you may have observed websites with a big notification bar up top. Those bars are generated with the help of tools like Hello Bar. HelloBar is a lead generation tool which helps you drive traffic to the pages of importance to you.

HelloBar helps you with redirecting traffic to any specific lead pages, landing pages or squeeze pages you may have. You can also use the notifications from Hello Bar to send your traffic to affiliate links or collect email addresses to use them in your email marketing campaigns.

If you wish to send your web traffic to a resource you believe will be valuable to your readers, then Hello Bar is the tool to use. It is easy to use and set up and you can get it up and running under 30 minutes. You can get pretty decent conversion rates but that depends on how compelling you can make your copy.


3. Mail Munch

Great content can rarely work if it isn’t marketed well and most internet marketers use Email marketing as their marketing method of choice. Mail Munch helps you with all your Email Marketing Requirements.

Mail Munch allows you to create Opt-in forms which appear as pop-ups on your website. This allows your readers to put in their details and receive great content in their inbox regularly which you send out.

You can customize the type of opt-in form you wish to use, the theme for the opt-in and even the copy of your opt-in. I recommend using a compelling copy to ensure that your users don’t leave your website without signing up.

You can customize when the opt-in shows up, how much delay there is between a reader landing on your site and the opt-in showing and even if an opt-in should appear only when a reader is leaving the site which is what I recommend as it is non-intrusive and improves the overall reader experience.

Mail Munch can be integrated with Email Solution providers such as Aweber or GetResponse but if you do not wish to pay for these services, Mail Munch also allows you to save the data to its own database and download it as a CSV file.


4. Push Crew

Web notifications and push notifications are very important for any website. They act as the small nudge required to get the reader to sign up or to opt-in. Push notifications have been proven as a way to improve conversions and if you aren’t using push notifications you are losing out.

Push Crew comes in to help you with all your push notification related requirements. You can set up custom push notifications and reduce your cart abandonment rate if you are an e-commerce retailer, improve your re-marketing efforts and even increase average page views.  Try Push notifications for your website today.


5. Olark

The number one reason why people still prefer to shop offline and in stores instead of online is the personal and human touch a sales assistant can provide.

A little reassurance is never bad and if you run a website without live chat support you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Olark tries to solve your troubles and improves your conversion rates.

Olark is a live chat tool which allows your users to interact with your team of support executives in real time.

Customers are highly impressed when they don’t have to wait for hours just to get a response to a support query and live chat tools like Olark helps them reach out to you instantly.

Olark allows for basic automation so your support executives don’t have to spend time answering FAQs, it has real-time chat support to help your users convert better and it even allows you to see what screen they are on to solve their problem faster. Olark also integrates well with CRM tools.


6. wpDiscuz

Comments are the best way for your users to communicate with you and to engage with your website but we all know the standard comment forms are just plain boring. That is where wpDiscuz comes in.

An intuitive comment UI and a smooth experience can increase your engagement rate quite a lot and wpDiscuz helps you implement exactly that by allowing your users to vote on other comments, reply to them in-line, share them and even subscribe to future replies on the comment.

It also offers Lazy loading as a standard feature which helps save bandwidth and load comments only when they are requested.

wpDiscuz helps you reduce and eliminate spam by helping you integrate it with the best anti-spam plugins. You can also allow it to pull avatars from widely used member plugins like BuddyPress.


Wrapping Up

We hope our guide here helps you elevate your website to the next level. If you have any questions do let me know below in the comments!

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