The Anatomy of a Business Card. Design Principles and Examples

Business cards are stationery items used to connect people with your business and transforming them in clients. In many cases, business card is the only element which can promote you, being the first thing a person sees before deciding whether to become your client or to move on with others. Therefore, it is important to understand that business cards have an important role in creating business relationships and that there are a few things which can make the difference between a new client or another business card thrown away.

Business card is the first thing which can give people an idea about what you`re actually doing and how you can help them through your business. But above these, people can actually perceive your business principles by only watching at your business card. So, what are the key elements which can transform a business card into a clients vacuum? I split a business card into 3 main elements: design, shape and material.


It`s a well-known fact that design element has the biggest impact on users or customers. The principle applies not only for business cards, but for every thing we use and see. In our case, when I say design, I`m referring to graphic design elements from a business card, especially design shapes and typography.

You can`t use any design shapes you want on a business card. They have to be strongly related to your business in order to accurately transmit the company principles to viewer. The most common design shape is the company logo.

The design element with the biggest weight on a business card is the text, commonly used to present data about how people can get in touch with you or to advertise your business ethos through a tagline.

Typography is art, not science, therefore, creating successful combinations of typefaces is quite important. Although there are no rules when using typography, you can keep in mind a few principles when designing business cards with typefaces.

Don`t use more than 2 fonts. Being a business card, which is a small piece of material, there`s no need to combine more than 2 typefaces to create a nice outcome. Instead, use different sizes, to create hierarchy between ideas.

Combine a Serif with Sans-Serif. You`ll never fail when combining a Serif font with a Sans-Serif one. Use Sans-Serif for headings and Serif for regular text.

Create differences in font weights, to assign a hierarchy between text lines on the business cards, so the viewer can be guided to the more important words. Below are some great examples of business cards which combine design elements with beautiful typography to deliver a good user experience:

lemon graphic design Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

magnifico Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

todd botanics Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

diveintos Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards

mile deep films Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards


Who said business cards have to be squared? Although this shape is intensive used in a business card design process, unusual shapes can impress the viewer and create the impression that your services are not common, they`re special and a business relation with you can bring him more advantages than others . Therefore, an out-of-the-box shape for a business card can add value to your business.

mindwrap Creative Examples of Typographic Business Cards


The development of printing technologies make today possible writing text not only on paper, but on different types of materials: wood, chewing gum, other types of paper like cotton paper, bakery goods, even concrete. Using such materials to print business cards and even for online postcard printing at PrintRunner, indicates the fact that your ideas are innovative and you`re not afraid to think different. Here are a few business cards examples which I`m sure will get you impressed if you`ll get one:

The importance of business cards shouldn`t be underestimated if you want to increase your brand awareness. Combining beautiful design elements with innovative shapes and unusual materials, will certainly impress people and as a result, your services offered will be well received and appreciated!

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