The Easy Way to Spell Check Your Website`s Content

Spell checking a website or a document can be a hard job to do, especially if they have tons of pages of content.If you`re a blogger, you know how hard it is to make the posts look perfect.Publishing good quality posts can bring you more readers. Spelling errors will cause your page to rank lower in search engines and will leave a bad impression to your readers. There are many tools on the internet which can help you but I found one which is very interesting and is called Respelt. The main difference between other spell checking tools and Respelt is that you can also add your blog’s feed and you would automatically get email reports when there are spelling errors in your posts. It is also free, you get your own personal dictionary and very easy to use.

Respelt is a tool checker that allows you to quickly and easily spell check your documents, websites and RSS Feeds.Today, websites are most often judge in a blink of an eye and checking your spelling becomes vital for leaving good impression with your visitors and search engines.Respelt is smart enough to know the difference between the HTML Code and regular text.So, when you`re checking your website and your Feeds, Respelt will automatically knows what to check and what not to check.This is great and guess what: it is done automatically for you! The video explains how the tool works and spell check a website.

What`s nice about it is that it is completely free. By creating an account you also get your own personal dictionary that you can use to teach Respelt about words that it mistakenly qualifies as spelling errors.
Finally probably the best way to use Respelt is to just enter the URL of your RSS feed, and Respelt will check your site or every day and notify you of any spelling errors if they exist.

Respelt is an amazing spell checking web app which was build to help you.I was very impressed of the results and I`m sure you`ll be too. Is free to use so just give it a go and let us all know if helped you!

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  1. Peter on December 13, 2010 at 10:59 pm Reply

    I was looking for an app that can spell check my whole website. I found but I only have a tiny site so it’s too expensive for me.

  2. small electric fireplaces on March 15, 2011 at 10:08 pm Reply

    Hey thank you for sharing this information … have been hunting around google and ding and could not find a decent living writing for it.

  3. John on May 5, 2011 at 4:47 am Reply

    Here is one more free online spellchecker, it also could be useful:

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