Tips for Staying Interested in Your Blog

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Staying interested in your blog can sometimes be a challenge. Struggling to write posts is a common phenomenon, but bloggers rarely admit to it. There are many reasons why your interest might be waning – you could be suffering from writer’s block, or you could have chosen a narrow topic which is too limited.

Follow these tried and tested tips to help rekindle your passion for your blog!

Take a Break – But Keep Writing

If you’re struggling to come up with content for your blog, it may be best to take a short break. Trying to chip away at a task you no longer enjoy could sour your opinion of it – and may lead to giving up entirely. Write a brief post explaining to your followers that you’re taking a hiatus, log out, and don’t revisit the site for a week or two.

However, it’s important not to give up writing altogether. Writing is a skill, like playing an instrument or a sport. And, like any other skill, you have to keep practicing if you want to remain good at it. Try to write something every day, even if it’s just a shopping list. You could also try a simple writing exercise, such as writing a brief synopsis of one of the stories on the evening news.

Read Other Blogs

If you’re lacking inspiration, try reading some other blogs on the subject. Set aside some time each day for reading, and note down anything you find that interests you. You don’t have to copy other people’s posts, but reading them can help you to come up with your own ideas. If you find a really thought-provoking post, why not come up with a response to it, and turn it into a post of your own?

Be sure to leave comments on these blogs – and not just generic “great blog!” fare. Not only will this grow your network as a blogger, engaging with the content you’re reading can also help you to generate your own ideas.

Go Off-Topic

There could be a simple reason for your disinterest – your blog might be too specific. All too often, people set up a blog with the intention of writing about a niche interest, only to discover that there’s only so much you can say about it.
If this has happened to you, don’t despair. It’s perfectly acceptable to branch out from your initial topic. Some of the best blogs on the web write from several different angles, such as travel blogs which include recipes, or “mommy blogs” which also give advice on starting up a home business.Read around your topic, and have a think about ways in which you could expand on it. Don’t be afraid to experiment – and be sure to ask your readers for feedback.

If you’re struggling to write for your blog, don’t despair. You’re in good company – brilliant writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and J.K. Rowling have freely admitted to suffering from writer’s block at one time or another. In the words of Douglas Adams (another famous sufferer), don’t panic.
Take a step back from your blog, and don’t force yourself to write posts if you’re not enjoying it. Try to find a different approach – whether that means branching out into different topics, or turning to other bloggers for inspiration. Above all, remember that it’s not your fault. Losing interest in blogging is a common problem with many causes, and over time, your enthusiasm will eventually return.

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