7 Worthwhile Ways For Designers to Please Their Clients

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If you are a design professional, you must definitely be aware of the competition you face in this industry, day in and day out. Professionals are always on their toes to deliver the best to the clients, else they know that there are others, capable enough to sweep the client off from them. Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to hold your clients, so that you do not face the slow downs in your business. Which means, you will have to always keep your clients delighted.

I will further discuss with you some of the brilliant ways to please your clients, so that they keep coming back to you time and again.

1. Take Some Extra Efforts with Logo Designing

Logo designing is perhaps the most crucial part of designing. It takes a lot when designing a logo for your client. It is actually the concept that can make or break your image as a designer. Designers actually go about spending significant time to combine different ideas and concepts to make the taste of the client. It is only then that you will be able to come up with a logo that pleases the client.

As a designer, there is a lot you can do – like, save the logo in a png format, so that it can be used by the client whenever he wants to. Moreover, you may also want to give him different color combinations to select from for his entity image.

logo design by designers

2. Give Them Something Extra

Not that the clients expect you to give them freebies and stuff like that, but it always works that way. It`s not about the gift, but the idea of being gifted makes everyone feel special. Maybe you client requested you to design a logo, business card and a mailer. So you can just add letterhead designs to it. It won’t cost you must effort, but will definitely please the client. It is all about impressing the client when you want him to come back to you time and again.

3. Live Up to the Deadlines

This is one of the things clients importantly look for, when they hire a designing firm. Living up to the deadlines will suffice your client’s expectations and will make him come back to you. And, you can always apply this on clients who have come back to you for a second time. This makes them feel special, because you give them priority. This is exactly what clients expect from their designer. They will definitely appreciate this in some way or the other.

meeting deadlines

4. Give them Suggestions

Expert insight is something that everyone needs at a certain point in their lives. Give your clients design suggestions. This will give them confidence on you and will help your client leverage their business. It means, you will have to determine their weaknesses and strengths and compare the client to it’s competition. This is one way to go an extra step, out of the way, to please your client. Make him come back, for he knows how well you are going to treat him.

5. Keep the Budget Limit in Front of You All the Time

Your client knows how much he can spend on the designing. Now, when you give your client an estimate, keep him astonished by working within the estimate. It might require you to work faster than usual, but this will always impress your client and make him come back to you time and again. Completing a project under budget will for sure delight him and he would want to get associated to you on a long-term basis.

6. Accept Multiple Forms of Payment

This may sound a little out of track, but it kind of works well for most business. When you quote your client, make sure that you have different ways handy, for receiving the payment. This makes the client clear your payments promptly, without any hesitation. The reason is that you allow him to choose his method of payment, than imposing yours on him. And trust me, this is usually the prime concern of most clients when they go about hiring a design agency.

7. Following Up After Completion is of Utmost Importance

What clients usually face is trying to trace the designer who worked for their previous assignment. This annoys them and they do not want to get associated to a designer who does not care about the follow up, even after the project has been completed. Clients would never want to return to such firms who care a damn about following up after completing a particular project. Do your best, may be you will be required to make some changes in the work you have already submitted. But, this will push the client to build a stronger relationship with the designer.


Who doesn’t want having steady clients, coming back to them time and again? However, to make this dream come true, you will have to sincerely follow the above mentioned tips. These tips are very wisely chosen and help in holding your clients tight. These are just so impressive techniques that your client will want to have you work for them, for all the projects they come up with. And these tips don’t cost you heavily. So, you won’t have to dig holes in your pocket to get the clients come back to you.

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