Why HTML5 is Good for Your Web Projects

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HTML is the framework around which the web is built, but why HTML5 is good for your web projects, being regular websites or advanced web applications? All over the web design industry, people are talking about HTML version 5, accessibility and CSS3. But what exactly is it about?

The Present and Future of the Web

Version 5 of HTML was released in 2009. Scheduled for completion in 2012 or 2013, it represents a major step forward in terms of web design. It is comprised of many technologies that simplify tags. Even though it is not yet totally finished, many websites have already adapted to it. This is because of wide browser support and the demand for mobile optimized content. These days, freelance oriented websites are using the latest version of HTML along with JavaScript and CSS.

Better Functionality

When combined with JavaScript and CSS3, you will get enhanced native browser functionality. Version 5 can do everything those Java and Flash applets can, and its footprint is smaller. Even better, the development ceiling is much lower. For web designers, it means there is no longer any need to learn intricate proprietary languages or rules, and neither do you have to work with resource hungry software just to create animation.

Version 5 is more than just a Flash killer though; it is intended for use on the applied web – wherein websites become functional and useful tools. For freelancers, it represents an opportunity to get an edge over their competitors and express themselves in new ways.

Easier to Implement

If you are still asking why HTML5 is the right path to proper web development, here is another reason: it can be deployed on several platforms, ensuring compatibility. At the same time, version 5 is easier and faster to implement. This means you have more time to focus on the content of your site rather than coding.

Game and application developers also prefer version 5 because the technologies used are well known. In other words, there is no need to make major adjustments. Familiarity with the technology means it will be easier to execute simple projects and collaborate. Thanks to version 5, you will be able to produce complex designs without much effort.

Use in Mobile Platforms

HTML5 is lightweight, accessible and adaptive, ensuring its use in mobile platforms and Windows 8. A freelancer can enter the websites or apps market. Instead of just creating standard websites, you can use HTML5 to produce websites for mobile apps. This will make it easier for you to implement mobile specific functions like offline storage, geo-location and touch.

Better Interaction

HTML5 allows you to implement elements like animation, drag and drop, multimedia and native forms. Everything that Flash can do the new version of HTML can do also and much better. The same thing can be said for Java apps; you’ll be able to do more with version 5.

Whatever your business requirements are, the latest version of HTML can make things easier. Today there are many toolkits available for free. These toolkits offer complete drag and drop editors to assist you in the design.

In short, the answer to the question why HTML5 is good for freelance business is better functionality. It is not just a fad; it is quite simply the way to go. Whatever your business is, the newest version of HTML is going to help yourself make better websites and make more money.

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