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Perhaps one of the most important things, when you own a business, is how your website visitors and customers see your brand. Even more important is what you do to maintain a great relationship with them. In 2018 it is strongly believed that customers are going to choose the brand with which they connect most and empathize with, which means that you’ll have to do everything you can to be as close to them as possible and listen to their very specific needs.

One way to do so is by using email marketing, and there is one great tool that Wix offers to help you with that.

However, before we jump into that, I recommend taking a look at this Wix Review so that you can better understand why you should not look anywhere else.

Wix – a revolutionary way to showcase your business

From the very beginning, Wix has focused on creating the easiest possible experience for users, yet the most stunning interaction for visitors. The platform offers a wide variety of options and can be used by any sort of business: you could be a blogger, fashion designer, photographer or have an online store – you’ll be able to easily create the website of your dreams in just a few minutes, for free.


Here are some of the features that Wix offers:



If you’re a musician, you’ll be able to stream, share and sell your music right from your amazing website; even more, you’ll get to keep 100% of what you earn.



You can add videos on your site from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Dailymotion and even stream and sell videos from your channels; customize the layout as you wish and get ready to see people subscribe to watch your videos on-demand.


Photo Gallery

You’re a photographer and want an easy, great-looking way to showcase your talent? Wix allows you to easily upload your photos or even use thousands of professional, high-quality images from the gallery. Moreover, you can upload photos from your social media accounts and even other cloud storage providers and edit them as you wish without having to leave the platform


Social Media

If you can’t stay away from your social media for too long and want it present on your website, then you can simply link all your channels to your site so that you and your followers never miss an update


Online Store

The most important thing that differentiates Wix from its competitors is that shop owners get to keep 100% of what they earn; in addition to this, you benefit from a large variety of online store templates so that you can easily find the one that fits your brand most. From the store manager, you can add all your products, add images to each one of them, create collections, set up payment methods and so much more. It is also strongly recommended that you create a blog, create coupons and send marketing emails. Here’s an extra: you’ll get amazing SEO tools so that you and your business can be easily found, organically.


You also get Site Analytics, meaning that you will know the anatomy of your website: where visitors spend time most, why they leave, what buttons they click and so on. You will receive important demographics that will tremendously help you create a custom audience and further target them in your ads, so it is all strongly connected. Understanding customers’ behavior has never been this easy! 

Having a great website means a lot given the fact that people tend to leave a website they don’t like faster than you can imagine, so Wix easily puts this problem to rest. However, it is also important that you create a relationship with your customers(and you could also get a hand of help here with Wix Answers), as this builds trust and makes them come back. It is far easier to make a current customer purchase again than acquiring a completely new one.

This is where email marketing kicks in: sending regular emails to your customers with highly valuable information, discounts, contests and whatever else you might be promoting is a very good way of letting them know you care; it creates a communication channel that is hard to combat by anything else. Let’s see exactly what triggered emails are and how they can help you maintain a great relationship with clients.


Wix Code triggered emails – 1 tool to get closer to customers

Triggered emails is a powerful, amazing tool that can be used by Wix Code users to send personalized messages to site members who have triggered a certain event.

Here’s how to create a triggered email:

  1. Access the Triggered Email Dashboard – go to your site’s dashboard, click marketing tools on the left and then select Triggered Emails on your left-hand side.
  2. Create an email – If this is the first time you create an email, click Get Started. If not, click + Create New which will take you to the Triggered Email Editor. This is where you can easily design your email and include additional elements, customize the background and delete the elements you don’t like.
  3. Use variables to insert specific information – variables are what make a triggered email unique to each reader; it is a placeholder that will be replaced by a real value that you define in the code. Make sure to choose a meaningful name in the placeholder so that you can easily identify it later. Click a text element and then click + Add Variable and start customizing it.
  4. Get your triggered email’s code snippet – At this point, if you click Save as Draft you will be redirected to the triggered email dashboard. To proceed to the code snippet, simply click Save & Publish. To generate the code snippet, click Save & Publish, choose the preferences and click Copy in the text window where the code snippet appears. Close the window by clicking Got It.
  5. Add the code snippet to an event on your site

You have now successfully personalized your email marketing campaigns and allowed users to receive targeted emails according to their actions on the website.

If you’re ready to take your business to an entirely new level, get yourself a Wix Promo Code and get a discount on a Yearly Premium Plan. Your time is now!

To your success!


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