12 WooCommerce Product Slider and Carousel Plugins for 2020

WooCommerce is awesome, but displaying your products with style might not be so quite intuitive, especially if your theme doesn’t come up with handy ways of doing it. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a series of WooCommerce product slider and carousel plugins, free and freemium, which work out-of-the-box. They are an ideal approach to showcasing more products on your shop landing pages and trying to increase your customers AOV. Let’s check them out!


Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

This is a premium plugin which helps you transform your product listing into a visual experience. It takes your product images and puts them into a nice responsive and touch-friendly carousel.


  • Hides the default WooCommerce lightbox functionality
  • Touch-friendly
  • Sliders term can be set
  • Pause on hover
  • Arrow key navigation
  • Thumbnail display settings

Cost: $17


Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce – Twist

Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce – Twist

This is a premium plugin which allows you to add an excessive number of pictures to your gallery. Additionally, you can include a carousel in the gallery. It accompanies vertical and flat gallery formats and navigation support.

Key highlights of this plugin are:

  • Image sliders = for Single Product highlight Image region
  • Lightbox Customization
  • Responsive Layout
  • Gallery Layout [Vertical and Horizontal] – On/Off LightBox Setting for Thumbnails pictures

Cost: $26


YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel

YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel

This is a free WooCommerce plugin which helps you display products in a carousel.


  • Set a maximum number to add to the sliders
  • Set Sliding speed in the sliders
  • Entrance and exit animations
  • Navigation
  • Autoplay
  • Show products from one or more categories.


WooCommerce Product Carousel Slider

WooCommerce Product Carousel Slider

WooCommerce Product Carousel Slider helps you create beautiful carousels for your products, in an attractive packaging design.


  • Unlimited products display
  • Unlimited carousels
  • Advanced shortcode generator
  • Unique settings for every carousel
  • Auto pictures resize and trim alternative
  • Speed control
  • Mouse over stop choice


Woocommerce Products Slider

WooCommerce Products Slider

This is a free plugin which comes packed with some high-quality carousel sliders and is simple to use by all means, via the shortcodes.

Some great features of this plugin:

  • 3 Sliders nav positions
  • Sliders Touch Drag, Mouse Drag
  • Custom pagination Background Color and Text Color
  • 20 Ready Themes and Custom Themes
  • Custom pagination Background Color & Text Color
  • Default Empty Thumbnail & Custom Empty Thumbnail
  • Display Price in 3 formats on slider: Full price, sale price, regular price.


WPB WooCommerce Product Slider

WPB WooCommerce Product Slider

This is a versatile and responsive plugin for showcasing products in a slider carouselYou can likewise demonstrate it anyplace on your site utilizing the shortcode. It comes with a custom widget as well, for showing a products slider in your widgetized areas.


  • Featured products slider.
  • Latest products slider.
  • Category products slider.
  • Tag products slider.
  • Products slider by selected product ids.
  • Two different custom themes for slider.
  • Control slider columns for phone, tab, small screen.
  • Slider autoplay, loop, pagination, navigation enable or disable option.
  • Product rating, price and cart enable or disable option.
  • Flat, responsive and modern design.


WooCommerce Widget Product Slider

WooCommerce Widget Product Slider

This plugin comes as a widget only and what it does is takes your products and displays them into a slider, in any widgetized sidebar that your theme might have.


  • Creates an eye-catching product slideshow in any widgetized area or sidebar.
  • Fully mobile and tablet responsive.
  • Shows products from any selected product category.
  • Set to show any number of products.
  • Fully customizable Widget Slider skin style and layout.
  • Touch swipe slider images in mobiles.
  • 7 different image transition effect plus random.

WPI Slider

WooCommerce Product Images Slider

This is premium WordPress plugin created by jogjascript. The idea behind the plugin is simple: show your clients all images of any product, directly on the shop page.

Main features:

  • Control Settings
  • Awesome Product Image Sliders
  • Product Link Control
  • Animate Transition
  • Product Image Gallery Popup

Cost: $15


Woocommerce Minimal Products Slider

WooCommerce MPS is a responsive plugin and helps you to display them on a minimal scene. This could work with minimalistic and clean shops, because the carousel has the same idea behind it.


  • Comfortable usability via admin panel
  • Four options of content display (product rating(stars), product price, stock status or your custom text )
  • Enable/disable product buttons
  • Enable/disable slider styled border
  • Change the font color
  • Change speed of the animation
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • No coding required

Cost: $17


WooCommerce Related Products with Slider

This is a premium plugin but man, it definitely deserves its money. It’s sleek, modern and has tons of options to create the perfect slider carousel for your products.


  • Mobile friendly
  • WPML Compatible
  • Show/hide specific title/price/add to cart button
  • Related products by ‘Product Category’ and ‘Product Type’
  • Change ribbon text/position/text color/background color
  • Change the Title of Related Products Slider
  • Change related products count, 4,5,6 or etc.
  • Change related products on different devices (ex: show on desktop 4 product , on tablet show 3 product, on mobile 3 product)

Cost: $19


Ultimate Woo Commerce Product Slider

Although a premium plugin, again, you get what you’re paying for. Display gallery, video or the single picture as a slider or carousel. Additionally, implement the sliders into any page, by using shortcodes.

A portion of the real highlights are:

  • 3 different layouts
  • Display videogallery or image
  • Select image size to be used
  • WPML Ready
  • Fully customizable with unlimited colors
  • Chose what section to show

Cost: $19


Woo Product Slider And Carousel with Category

A nice plugin to showcase your featured products, in a clean and modern way.

Some prominent highlights offered by this plugins are:

  • Display Latest/Recent Products
  • Touch-Swipe
  • 100% Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Created with Slick Slider
  • Set the number of columns per carousel


Wrapping Up

These are the best eCommerce carousel and slider WordPress plugins available for WooCommerce. Although WordPress is a super-versatile platform and WooCommerce is one of the leading eCom solutions, there are cases when displaying your products with style is a must for your website and these plugins might come in quite handy!

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