8 WordPress Coupon Plugins To Sell More in 2020

There was a growing trend in the eCommerce community to remove the option for allowing vouchers at the checkout.

It was argued (and in some cases, proven) that offering an option to enter a voucher made buyers feel like they weren’t getting a good deal when they couldn’t find a current voucher to use.

However, vouchers are making a comeback.

Regardless of the setup you’re trying to accomplish, the WordPress platform has plugins for you to test out. Some of them are more for displaying a gallery of coupons, while others are specifically built for generating discount codes.

So keep reading to learn about the best WordPress coupon plugins to boost sales on your e-commerce store.



Coupon Plugin might be the affiliate marketer’s all-in-one solution to generate affiliate commissions on autopilot. It features well-designed and highly customizable coupon widgets, powered by some impressive features like affiliate link cloaking, coupon share options, coupon popups and even coupon voting system.

The plugin also comes with a series of shortcodes for an even more control over the coupons. Therefore, you could build pages using shortcodes, displaying coupons from a certain store or category – in a grid or list view.

The plugin also comes with a lite version which you can get it from the WordPress repository.


Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator

The Coupon Creator plugin is one of the highest rated coupon plugins you can find for free in the WordPress library. It’s easy to use as it only requires a simple short-code to display your own coupons.

A filter bar is provided for visitors to search for the coupons they might love.

The expiration and counter fields are often the most difficult to manage, so it provides some beautiful bulk tools for making modifications to many coupons within seconds.

These coupons are easy to implement and track.


JC Coupon

JC Coupon

As you can see from the JC Coupon plugin page, it has a quick setup, unlimited coupon options and the ability to manage your coupons from the WordPress dashboard.

You can include any of these coupons in your posts or pages, which is great if you write blog posts about a deal and would like to give out a coupon right there and then.

The developers have also included a useful module for changing around the colors, which comes in handy when you’d like to brand your coupons.

What’s more is that the plugin has an easy way to put coupons into the sidebar, which is interesting for those companies that don’t want to take up too much space on the page with their deals.

Along with affiliate tools and URL masking, the JC Coupon plugin is certainly an option to check out.


WordPress Coupon Code GeneratorWordPress Coupon Code Generator

The WordPress Coupon Code Generator is one of the simplest coupon plugins, but it works rather well for those who would like to build a list of coupon codes for an eCommerce store.

The plugin is sold through CodeCanyon, and it randomly generates coupon codes to ensure that people can’t duplicate them or use them later. Unlimited uses are possible for your customers, and the infinite combinations are nice for keeping people from abusing the codes.

Coupon codes, voucher codes, promotional codes and more are possible with the WordPress Coupon Code Generator plugin, and it’s made possible when you insert a short-code into one of your pages or posts.

You don’t have to put much work into managing this plugin, since it’s lightweight, does the job and really doesn’t make you think too deeply.


Magic WP Coupon – Lite

Magic WP Coupon - Lite

The Magic WP Coupon plugin has both free and paid versions, but we would recommend looking at the free one to start out, since it has quite a few solid features to get you started. The whole point of the plugin is to turn your website into an affiliate site.

The plugin is a little more powerful than the others because it has a like/dislike system, boosting the amount of credibility you build with your coupons.

For example, customers who like your coupon can give it a thumbs up.

This will convince others that it’s a good deal. The click counter system is also a nice touch as it’s yet another way to show the popularity of your coupons.

We wouldn’t recommend this if you only get a few clicks on your coupons, but turning it on for popular ones is certainly going to help out.


Viral Coupon

Viral Coupon

Viral Coupon has a social media shaped twist.

It integrates with WooCommerce and asks customers to make an action on social media in order to receive a coupon. For example, you may have a 20% off coupon on your online shoe store.

If that’s the case you can give it out when people like your Facebook page, or tweet about the offer.


Code Shop for WordPress

Code Shop for WordPress

Code Shop for WordPress is great for selling coupons, vouchers and licence codes. This would be similar to Groupon, but it’s also nice for eCommerce stores that want to give away vouchers for free.

Make an unlimited number of coupons on your site, and connect with multiple payment gateways if you plan on collecting money from the sales.

The content editor is easy to manage, since it looks similar to that of what you would find in WordPress.

Not to mention, short-codes are easily accessible to quickly get a voucher or coupon implemented on a page or post.


Coupon Popup

Coupon Popup

Try Coupon Popup if you’d like to generate buttons that lead to coupons on your online store.

Adding coupons to pages, posts and sidebars is fast and easy, and you can choose to reveal or hide your coupon until the visitor clicks.

Modifying coupon titles and codes is done in a one step process, while the shortcodes are there for scattering coupons all over your website.


Over to You

There you have it! These coupon plugins are bound to improve your online store and get people coming back to your shop more often.

One final tip; if you would like to embed coupon codes into your order receipts, be sure to check out Receiptful.

If you have any questions about these plugins, feel free to drop a line in the comments section below.

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