5 Best WordPress Questionnaire and Quiz Plugins for 2018

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Running a quiz on your website can help improve user engagement and reduce bounce rates – which are great metrics Google considers when raking a site.

Quizzes are also an invaluable tool in gaining insights into the preference and behavior of your site visitors – this is doubly valuable if you sell products on your site. This is because through the data gathered from your customers you can gain insights on how to improve on your product offerings.

Just as A/B test plugins enable you to figure out which content is resonating with your readers, so also does questionnaires – since it solicits answers from them in a fun and entertaining manner.

However, it’s OK if you rather not use a plugin but prefer writing a blog post and requesting your readers to share their opinion in the comment box, but, if you like us love the professional and neat layout of plugins then read on to see our best five WordPress questionnaire plugins.

Best WordPress Questionnaire/Quiz Plugins in a Nutshell

  1. Wp Quiz Pro
  2. WordPress Viral Quiz
  3. Quiz and Survey Master
  4. mTouch Quiz
  5. Watu


WP Quiz Pro

A very popular WP plugin with over 20 thousand active installs. It is extremely customizable and flexible for creating most basic quizzes. It offers different quiz options such as single choice, multiple choice, text entry and sorting. It also allows you to include images and videos in both questions and answers. You can display all the questions on one page or decide to spread them among multiple pages.

It comes with an inbuilt shortcode that allows you indicate which part of your site to display the quizzes, with a one-click demo importer; you’re able to configure your quizzes without doing so manually.

With WordPress Quiz Pro you design responsive quizzes that display well on different screen resolutions, and it also comes packed with the social options that allow for creating a buzz around your contents.

Top features of WordPress Quiz Pro

  • Customizable interface
  • Shortcodes for quiz placement at any point on the site
  • Randomly sort questions and answers
  • Multiple quizzes displayed on the same page
  • Submit score via email to owner
  • Restrict the number of times a user can take a quiz based on IP and Cookie.
  • Statistic with chart
  • Export to CSV


WordPress Viral Quiz

viral quiz wordpress questionnaire plugin

Do you remember those trivial questions that pop up when you are on your favorite lifestyle and gossip sites? Those “what kind of cat are you?” quizzes – they’re made using WP Viral Quiz plugins. This kind of quiz was popularized by Buzz feed with this quiz that has garnered over 20 million views.

If your goal is to drive conversions and segment your leads, then implementing this quiz maker is a no-brainer.

Top features of WordPress Viral Quiz

  • Has a result-locked option that unlocks after sharing – this encourages users to share your contents before they can view the outcome of their quizzes.
  • Email address required before you can view results
  • Double themes to choose from
  • Fully responsive for different screens
  • Easily integrates with MailChimp, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign.


Quiz and Survey Master

With Quiz and Survey Master you’re able to build highly personalized quizzes that project your personality and brand. It has a vast array of options to choose from in making unique questionnaires.

You can create different quiz formats like single and multiple choice questions, true and false questions, true or false, fill in the blank, open-ended answers and many other types of questionnaires.

Notwithstanding that some users find the menus a little confusing; it is still one of the sleekest quiz plugins out there.

Top features of Quiz and Survey Master include:

  • Loads of customization options to choose for your questionnaire
  • Large library of quiz templates
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Leaderboards
  • Email automation


mTouch Quiz

mTouch Quiz WordPress plugin is highly optimized and created with the mobile user in mind. Its responsive design makes the quizzes display perfectly on any screen.

One huge factor that sets this quiz plugin apart is its simplicity and ease of use. You’re not going to be overwhelmed with different features, customization options, and any extra button. This makes the tool efficient and intuitive.

Also, the plugin allows you to set the number of attempts on any question and point value for each question. Hence making scoring easy.

However, as with every great program – there’s something to complain about. mTouch does not allow for the option to create a variety of quiz types. You are restricted to creating only multiple choice questions.

Top features of mTouch Quiz

  • Simple to use and navigate through the interface
  • It provides a flexibility scoring options
  • Extremely responsive –including touchscreens
  • Provides hints for solutions
  • Randomized questions and answers
  • Navigation menu for longer quizzes



Watu provides an excellent alternative quiz plugin, this is evident with the number of active stalls – over three thousand sites are running a Watu quiz plugin. It has both free and premium versions making it accessible for more people.

Just like mTouch quiz plugin, it has a user-friendly interface and built simple. Though it has more question type option like open-ended essays. You’re able to assign point values to questions and it immediately calculates the score after a visitor completes the quiz.

It supports the basic social sharing features and also mobile friendly.

Top features of Watu

  • Extremely responsive and Touchscreen friendly.
  • Social sharing option to create some buzz around your contents.
  • Email notifications
  • For the premium versions, you get pagination, randomized questions, quiz categories, and printable certificates.
  • You can easily integrate with third-party programs like MailChimp and WooCommerce (available to premium users)



Creating a quiz or a questionnaire is a daunting task but with these questionnaire plugins above you are sure of designing effective quizzes that improve your user engagement, impact on your search ranking, and help you gain valuable insight into your audience.

From our review, it is clear that Quiz and Survey Master is the most widely used plugin – this could be attributed to the myriad of features and options available to users. But, if you prefer a lighter quiz maker and higher sharing then use WordPress Viral Quiz.

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